Hello there, here is the News page of project DREAMOTOR1, a modern demo car that integrates a cognitive AI called SafetyNex, which brings three automotive functions (all in one): Safety Score, Safety Coach, and Preventive ACC.
For that, this cognitive AI SafetyNex aggregates all available data in the vehicle, in real time, and provides 20 times per second the level of caution in driving behavior regarding context and the vehicle speed, in this context, that should be applied to stay cautious enough. As it aggregates data, it is cool to have data, and then DREAMOTOR1 integrates technologies of sensors, V2X, telecommunications, real time computing, etc… from several high-tech SMEs and startups. In addition, because clean techs make sense, DREAMOTOR1 integrates news green materials. DREAMOTOR1 gathers the excellence. Imagine that you come to us and take a tour. It is so easy to integrate technologies showcased in DREAMOTOR1 into your vehicles. It is all from TRL7 to TRL9.
This news page pastes the continuing story of DREAMOTOR1 from 1st step in Hamburg (Germany) at ITS World congres in october 2021, until now. A bunch of high-tech SMEs & Startups is about to change the automotive world.
Enjoy !

Dreamotor1 Demo for Intempora in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 13th 2022.

Nicolas Dulac, CEO of Intempora (a dSPACE Company) made a test of Dreamotor1 around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.
Dreamotor1 uses Intempora RTMaps development and validation environment for multi-sensor applications.

Gerard Yahiaoui, CEO of Nexyad and Nicolas Dulac, CEO of Intempora (on the right)

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Software République in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 13th 2022.

People of Software République made a test of Dreamotor1 on difficult tour around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Kuantic in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 11th 2022.

People of KUANTIC made a test of Dreamotor1 this mornng around Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.




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Dreamotor1 Demo for ZF in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, July 6th 2022.

A new demo session for ZF Directors around Technocentre of Guyancourt.


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Dreamotor1 in demo for Renault in Guyancourt, France

Guyancourt, July 5th 2022.

Two new demo sessions for Renault VP and Director around Technocentre of Guyancourt.

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Nvidia in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, June 30th 2022.

Nexyad returned in Guyancourt around the Technocentre Renault to make a demo for a Nvidia Director.

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Dreamotor1 Demo for Valeo in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, June 28th 2022.

Nexyad continues to embark new tester in Dreamotor1.



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Dreamotor1 in demo at Start Nextmove Symposium in Le Havre, France.

Le Havre, June 23th 2022.

On the side of NEXTMOVE Event START, Nexyad came with Dreamotor1 for some demonstrations of safety functionnalities: Driver Safety Coach and Safety Score.


Dreamotor1 in demo session at Le HavreDreamotor 1 sponsors :

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Dreamotor1 Demo in the Streets of Stuttgart for Technology Expo

Stuttgart, June 21th 2022.

On the side of Autonomous Vehicle TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2022, Nexyad came with Dreamotor1 for some demonstrations of safety functionnalities for tear one companies and OEMs.

Dreamotor1 on the left in streets of Stuttgart, Germany.

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June 2022, step of integration in Dreamotor1

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Dreamotor1 in Paris on the side of FIEV Club Auto

Paris, June 17th 2022

Nexyad attended Club Auto of FIEV in the morning and made some Demo Sessions in the streets of Paris.


The seventh FIEV Auto Club took place on June 17, 2022 in Paris, titled Artificial Intelligence: a brain in the car.
Two very interesting round tables :
The car is connected before being autonomous, with :
Antoine LAFAY, Driving Assistance Research Director of Valeo
Dr Thierry LESTABLE, Executive Director, Digital Science Research Center (DSRC) of Technology Innovation Institute (TII)
Gérard YAHIAOUI, CEO of Nexyad
Sebastien RUFFINO, Director Automotive, South of Europe de Nvidia
Alexis BEAUVILLAIN, Cross System Architecture Director of Aptiv

Interior: towards tailor-made comfort, with :
Thierry METAIS, President of ZF Mobility France
Vanessa PICRON, Vice-President of Product Division Innovation, Strategy & Automated Driving of Forvia
Pierre LECOINTRE, SVP Software Business & Product of Stellantis
Eric LA FAY, Director, Head of Customer Center Multimedia and Connectivity of Continental Automotive France

and a special Keynote by Dr Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer of Renault Group

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Dreamotor1 Nexyad Democar Showcased at INSA Rouen Congress

DREAMOTOR1 was showcased in the exposition of intelligent vehicles during the congress on AI for Autonomous and Connected vehicles at INSA ROUEN.

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Demo of Driver Safety Coach and Safety Score in Guyancourt

June, monday 13th, another demontration for personal of CONTINENTAL and HERE TECHNOLOGIES in Dreamotor1.


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More Renault Staff to Test Dreamotor1 in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, June 8th 2022.

NEXYAD made another demo of DREAMOTOR1 for RENAULT people around Technocentre in Guyancourt.

30 minutes of driving in real streets, on real roads with a big variety of difficulties. NEXYAD AI SafetyNex
implements 2 functions (TRL9) :

. Safety Score
. Safety Coach (that reduces accident rate by 25%, see testimonials on


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Dreamotor1 Demo at Global Industrie Event in Paris Nord

Paris-Nord, May 19th 2022.

Some Demo Sessions around Global Industrie Event.

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New Test of Dreamotor1 in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, May 12th 2022.

Demo of Dreamotor1 for Renault and Here Technologies around Technocentre in Guyancourt.

Thanks to Olivier BELDI (HERE) for the organization of this session.

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Dreamotor1 at Autonomy event in Paris

Dreamotor1 made a demonstration to prospect on side of Autonomy event march 16 & 17 2022 in Paris.

This year, Autonomy finally returned to the Porte de Versailles in Paris. The participants seemed happy to be reunited after a long absence. We were surprised to see new exhibitors like Otonomo or Autoliv, which are international companies, proof that the show attracts more people than regulars of light, electro and shared mobility.

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Dreamotor1 Demo for TomTom around Nexyad Office
in St Germain en Laye

St Germain en Laye, March 29th 2022

We were proud to receive Tomtom Staff in our office in St Germain en Laye for a meeting and a demo session of Dreamotor1.

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Demonstration to Continental of Dreamotor1


Feb 15th, Dreamotor1 was tested by several persons of Continental around Renault Guyancourt (west of Paris).
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Technologies Integration under Progress, Feb 8th 2022

New steps in technologies integration, testing feature by feature SBG Systems and YOGOKO technologies.

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Demonstration to Valeo of Dreamotor1 in Créteil


Feb 7th, Dreamotor1 was tested by several persons of VALEO Mobility Tech Center around Créteil (south of Paris).

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Nextmove Techday at Renault January 25th 2022


Nextmove the French Automotive and Mobility cluster organized a Techday at RENAULT Technocentre in Guyancourt (near Paris) January, 25th.

Nextmove presented the two democars Nextcar and Dreamotor1 of the project Demo ICIM funded by ADEME to several high people of Renault.

General Director Marc Charlet of Nextmove was there to welcome the happy testers of the two vehicles. Nexyad thank all Renault people who took a ride in Dreamotor1.

Nextcar by:


with :

partners :





Dreamotor 1 (Renault ZOE ZE50 full electric)

Nextcar (Renault Megane hybrid PHEV)

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Nexyad Demo Car Dreamotor1 Showcased at Renault,
with our Partner Here Technologies

Guyancourt, January 19th 2022

We could showcase DREAMOTOR1 yesterday at RENAULT with NEXYAD of course, and our partner HERE Technologies.
Functions showcased:
. Safety score,
. Safety CoachThere will be many showcases of DREAMOTOR1 in France and in Europe during 2022.We have integrated technologies from NEXYAD, INTEMPORA, ECOTECHNILIN, and we wrote all the global and detailed specifications for integration of technologies from SBG Systems, YOGOKO, IMPORTANT.

We are discussing with GREENERWAVE to fancy the best way to integrate their technology. DREAMOTOR1 is already the smarter demo car and will remain it in time.
On the picture at RENAULT Guyancourt, I am with Olivier Beldi from HERE Technologies. HERE Technologies believed in NEXYAD from the very start, And we showcase together at RENAULT (that have signed with GOOGLE), and in a way, we « bring » HERE with us, and they help us being better. Small teams may bring strategic advantages … We’re happy about this.

Now that we have DREAMOTOR1, our unique embedded cognitive AI technology SafetyNex, which is second to none, can be showcased for 3 functions:
. Safety Score: much more accurate and relevant than TESLA one. Think again ! it is not everyday that you have the opportinuty to take over TESLA !
. Safety Coach that advices driver during trip and helps to avoid most emergency situations (and then many accidents)
. Preventive ACC / AD (soon available on DREAMOTOR1) that controls vehicle speed in order to keep driving behavior cautious regarding static and dynamic contexts

Nobody stops Dreamotor 1.

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We are glad to announce two sponsors for DREAMOTOR 1 !



We will show their logo, colors, and will relay their messages through our participation to events all over Europe in 2022.

The commitment of those 2 majors industrial of the automotive sector show how important our demo car project is.


A new startup is joinging DREAMOTOR1 with an original modern radar technology

Welcome onboard !  An interview of Greenerwave will soon explain why this technology is a good complement to DREAMOTOR1.

Go to Greenerwave website

Presentation of Nextcar and Dreamotor 1 to french media

The second of december at ESIGELEC in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, the french Automotive & Mobility Cluster NEXTMOVE has organized the presentation of the two demo cars involved with Demo ICIM project : NextCar by Nextmove and Dreamotor1 by Nexyad.

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DREAMOTOR1 by Nexyad at integration with FH Electronics

DREAMOTOR 1 is a collaborative demo car which brings together French and American SMEs/Startups that are embeding their high technologies in order to deliver 3 functions for road safety and comfort :
          . Safety Score after trip
          . Safety Coach during trip
          . Preventive ACC & AD
DREAMOTOR 1 defends values as safety for passengers and vulnerables around, electric mobility, comfort, new green materials, V2X, etc.

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Major event in Paris: French Automotive Sector Day (PFA)

Video of DREAMOTOR 1 at PFA event in Paris Oct. 26th 2021
Featured participant to DREAMOTOR 1 demo car : Nexyad, Nextmove, EcoTechnilin, Intempora, YoGoKo



Visit the PFA website

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#roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #anticipativeACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit #PFA #Paris

Article in Autonews by Laurent Meillaud that mentionned Dreamotor 1



« … Lors du récent congrès sur les transports intelligents (ITS) de Hambourg, on a pu voir tourner dans les rues de la ville une Renault ZOE baptisée « Dreamotor 1 ». Et elle serait, selon ses concepteurs, l’un des plus sûres au monde. Pourquoi ? Parce qu’elle intègre un système d’intelligence artificielle très évolué, fruit de 20 ans de recherche au sein de la PME Nexyad, et qui a fait ses preuves*. Ce système a pour nom SafetyNex et mesure 20 fois par seconde le niveau de risque en fonction du contexte routier (vitesse, analyse de l’environnement, type de route). Cet outil assez unique s’appuie sur les cartes pour GPS de haute précision de HERE Technologies, dans le cadre d’un partenariat. La ZOE intègre une fonction « safety coach » qui s’appuie sur des données en temps réel pour recommander au conducteur à quelle vitesse maximale il peut rouler. Précisons que ce coach peut aussi agir en cas d’urgence sur le régulateur de vitesse intelligent (ACC), … »



Laurent Meillaud


Nexyad, un as de l’IA qui fait mieux que Tesla ? (

PFA event in Paris : a first realization of the partnership between NEXYAD and NEXTMOVE


DEMO ICIM (left) and DREAMOTOR 1(right)

DEMO ICIM is a demo car of the French Automotive & Mobility cluster NEXTMOVE that integrates technologies of member SMEs including NEXYAD Cognitive AI SafetyNex.


This demo car Demo ICIM is a « sister » of DREAMOTOR 1. NEXYAD and NEXTMOVE have a signed partnership to promote the two cars together and show the excellence in clean and intelligent vehicles.


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#roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #anticipativeACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit #PFA #Paris #DemoICIM

DREAMOTOR 1 Team at French Automotive Sector Day (PFA) in Paris


Nexyad Team (Business and CEO) on front of the DREAMOTOR 1 at « Journée de la Plateforme Française de l’Automobile » or Day of French Automotive Sector – Parvis of La cité des sciences et de l’industrie, in Paris.

Automotive sector and French Government to share predictions and reflexions about economy, technology, and trends.

The DREAMOTOR1 V1 just arrived a few days before with its cover.

AT PFA we explain functions for driver brought by NEXYAD cognitive AI for road safety. We explain how those functions are improved by technologies of partners, and we also show that this demo car is also « green », featuring new materials in the cockpit.

We got very good contacts there and now the sent DREAMOTOR1 to integration in order to put technologies of partners.

The car will be operational for demos from December 2021 and will integrate more and more functions until Dec 2022.

#dreamotor1 #roadsafety  #intelligentcar #democar #nexyad #YoGoKo #SGBsystems #FHelectronics #Nextmove #Intempora #EcoTechnilin #!important #NormandyRegion #EuropeanUnion

#PFA #Paris #roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #anticipativeACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit


DREAMOTOR 1 V1 just arrived from covering process at NEXYAD


Now DREAMOTOR 1 has at least its expected look and feel. Team is preparing PFA congress.


#dreamotor1 #roadsafety  #intelligentcar #democar #nexyad #YoGoKo #SGBsystems #FHelectronics #Nextmove #Intempora #EcoTechnilin #!important #NormandyRegion #EuropeanUnion

#PFA #Paris #roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #anticipativeACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit

ITS World 2021 in Hamburg with DREAMOTOR 1 version 0

For ITS World 2021 in Hamburg, we launched the version 0 of DREAMOTOR 1.

See the video that shows first release of NEXYAD demo car. Featured in this video : NEXYAD, YoGoKo, SBG Systems, NEXTMOVE

Our DREAMOTOR 1 car was not already available. What we call DREAMOTOR 1 V0 is a RENAULT ZOE that we’ve been renting in Hamburg. In this ZOE we installed a PC + sensors etc. and could showcase 3 automotive functions :

. Safety score : at the end of every trip, we give statistics of caution : driving behavior is described with caution profile, risk (= lack of caution) profile, and global scores such as driving caution score, anticipation ability score, driving skills score, and observed self-confidence score.
. Safety coach : during driving, caution and risk are estimatied onboard in real time (20 times per second), and then are used to give advices to driver in order to avoid incautious behaviors. It has been validated that this system reduces accident rate by at least 25%.
. Preventive ACC and AD : in real time, knowing context, the same system can estimate 20 times per second what should be the good behavior in order not to exceed a max accepted risk (= lack of caution). In particular, what should be vehicle speed (which brings a setpoint value to ACC).

This V0 did not integrate already all the technologies of partners which bring for most of them new inputs to NEXYAD caution assessment cognitive AI in order to get a better description of context.
This will be done in DREAMOTOR 1 V1.

Some OEMs tried DREAMOTOR1 V0 in the streets of Hamburg (real tests in real streets) and NEXYAD got very good feedbacks. Now we are on partners technologies integration to improve functions.

Soon the next episode at PFA Day (journée de la Plateforme Française de l’Automobile) à Paris.

#dreamotor1 #roadsafety  #intelligentcar #democar #nexyad #YoGoKo #SGBsystems #FHelectronics #Nextmove #Intempora #EcoTechnilin #!important #NormandyRegion #EuropeanUnion

#roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #preventiveACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit #ITS #ITSworld #Hamburg #ITSWorls2021

DREAMOTOR 1 at ITS WORLD 2021 Hamburg

This week, from 11 to 15 oct 2021 at ITS WORLD 2021 Congress in Hamburg, Nexyad will present DREAMOTOR 1, an electrical democar full of High Tech for road safety.  

The DREAMOTOR 1 will take testers on open roads around the Congress.


#dreamotor1 #roadsafety  #intelligentcar #democar #nexyad #YoGoKo #SGBsystems #FHelectronics #Nextmove #Intempora #EcoTechnilin #!important #NormandyRegion #EuropeanUnion

#roadsafety  #safetyscore #safetycoach #anticipativeACC #ACC #green #newmaterials #cockpit #ITS #ITSworld #Hamburg #ITSWorls2021