Tests of Dreamotor1 Intelligent and Predictive ACC at UTAC

Linas-Monthléry Autodrome, July 5th 2023,

Day of tests for our Intelligent and Predictive ACC powered by SafetyNex AI and Nexyad perception software RoadNex and ObstaNex at UTAC Autodrome. In the frame of PRISSMA project,  Vehicle Dreamotor1 by Nexyad was tested in various use-cases on road and city tracks.

UTAC is a market-leading international group in digital & sustainable mobility, customisable testing solutions, customisable testing systems, vehicle engineering, type approval, regulatory expertise, certification, training, corporate events and classic & sportscars festivals.

Thanks to UTAC team: Alain Piperno, Céline Serbouh and Mikael Dessaint.


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