dSPACE Executive tested Dreamotor1 in Guyancourt

Guyancourt, October 6th 2023.

We were very proud to bring a dSPACE executive around Renault Technocentre for a ride in Dreamotor1. Dreamotor1 uses Intempora RTMaps for development and execution of our Real Time multi sensor AI application tool SafetyNex. Intempora is a dSPACE Company since 2020. Nexyad wishes reinforce partnership with dSPACE as modelled on what has been done last year through Aurelion, RTMaps and Nexyad Vision RoadNex and ObstaNex : https://youtu.be/icVKm9XMUtY

Integrated in Dreamotor1, SafetyNex provides in real time prudent recommended speed, lack of prudence alerts and instant prudent speed for predictive ACC and Autonomous Vehicle. SafetyNex goes further than Intelligent Speed Assitance ISA (which is just a reminder of speed limit signs on roads), SafetyNex gives the prudent speed by anticipation everywhere it can be tricky for the driver and his/her passengers.


RTMaps Diagram of SafetyNex on top and Nexyad HMI of Dreamotor1 below

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