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NEXYAD Background

NEXYAD products come from science results. We are involved in official public national research programs. What we do is deep tech.
The team publishes in scientific congresses. What we say that is NEXYAD science has been considered as science by reviewers in scientific congresses.
All our software modules use our own IP, and even our deep learning modules use NEXYAD learning rule and methods that divide by 10 time to learn and by 1000 number of needed examples, for better results.
NEXYAD team has cutting edge skills on maths and hybrid artificial intelligence, and knows how to implement in a computer with small fingerprint.
Our software modules are the results of 25 years of deep tech research: applied maths, artificial intelligence, deep learning, knowledge based system, possibility theory, fuzzy sets, Gödel coding, physics of vehicles, computer vision, data understanding, signal processing, information theory, risk theory, estimation theory, virtual sensors, …
This is why you can trust us. We imagine, develop, and validate for you. And we always bring you the best possible validated technology.
This makes a big difference for our customers.