News of Dreamotor1

St Germain en Laye, june 19th 2023.

A new step for Dreamotor1. Nexyad team installed camera and lidar ina box on the roof of the Renault Zoé. Our AI SafetyNex aggregates all available data in vehicle (digital map, GNSS, V2X, camera detection, radar inter-distance, lidar, weather conditions, DMS, speed, CAN buses, etc.)

In most vehicles that are going to integrate SafetyNex, there are already perception ADAS available, but in Nexyad Dreamotor1 is now Nexyad detection software products : RoadNex (detection of the bitumen surface by camera), ObstaNex (detection of obstacles on road with both camera and lidar, plus inter-distance given by lidar), VisiNex (visibility measurement by camera for detection of fog, heavy rain, sand storm, snow storm, darkness, dust on camera, etc.) which operate.

In near future, we will be able to demonstrate all Nexyad AI softwares onboard in typical use cases that interest public, OEM’s and tier one suppliers.

Camera and lidar on roof box made by Nexyad.


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