Now DREAMOTOR1 is piloted by our AI SafetyNex for vehicle automatic speed control (longitudinal part of autonomous vehicle, that  is also called sometimes Predictive ACC or Contextual ACC). Vehicle slows down automatically to stay PRUDENT (that the only criteria) when needed and else accelerates to speed limit.
No complex control laws, no cut into use cases: process is continuous and the only value to control is PRUDENCE level.
First implementation under fine tuning at NEXYAD is what we call our MVP (Minimum Viable Product): no ADAS sensors, only digital map, electronic horizon, and GNSS.

In the following months, we intend to integrate NEXYAD perception solution involving a camera (at least one) and a lidar. Perception will use NEXYAD perception AI software modules:
. VisiNex that measures visibility and detects lacks of visibility such as fog, heavy rain, lack of lighting, snow, etc
. RoadNex that detects drivable surface of the road plus lines
. ObstaNex that detects any object and recognizes vehicles, and pedestrians (soon more objects)

From this NEXYAD perception kit the 1st additional information that will feed the AI software module SafetyNex is interdistance, the second will be weather conditions, and the 3rd will be “presence of vulnarables”.
V2X will also feed SafetyNex with hazard warnings.
NEXYAD has shown that lateral control of vehicle is also possible by using the notion of PRUDENCE.
This will be done in 2023.

An Autonomous Vehicle on a new kind, based on PRUDENCE CONTROL, will then demonstrate that this new paradigm is lean (computing power, memory, …), efficient, in-used-monitored (with prudence assessed 20 times per second), and then finally TRUSTABLE (for people, for insurers, for authorities).
A revolution that may enable market.

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