ITS World 2021 in Hamburg with DREAMOTOR 1 version 0

For ITS World 2021 in Hamburg, we launched the version 0 of DREAMOTOR 1. See the video that shows first release of NEXYAD demo car. Featured in this video : NEXYAD, YoGoKo, SBG Systems, NEXTMOVE Our DREAMOTOR 1 car was not already available. What we call DREAMOTOR 1 V0 is a RENAULT ZOE that we’ve been renting in Hamburg. In this ZOE we installed a PC + sensors etc. and could showcase 3 automotive functions : . Safety score : at the end of every trip, we give statistics of caution : driving behavior is described with caution profile, risk (= lack of caution) profile, and global scores such as driving caution score, anticipation ability score, driving skills score, and observed self-confidence score. . Safety coach : during driving, caution and risk are estimatied onboard in real time (20 times per second), and then are used to give advices to driver in order to avoid incautious behaviors. It has been validated that this system reduces accident rate by at least 25%. . Preventive ACC and AD : in real time, knowing context, the same system can estimate 20 times per second what should be the good behavior in order not to exceed a max accepted risk (= lack of caution). In particular, what should be vehicle speed (which brings a setpoint value to ACC). This V0 did not integrate already all the technologies of partners which bring for most of them new inputs to NEXYAD caution assessment cognitive AI in order to get a better description of context. This will be done in DREAMOTOR 1 V1. Some OEMs tried DREAMOTOR1 V0 in the streets of Hamburg (real tests in real streets) and NEXYAD got very good feedbacks. Now we are on partners technologies integration to improve functions. Soon the next episode […]

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