Nexyad Demo Car Dreamotor1 Showcased at Renault,
with our Partner Here Technologies

Guyancourt, January 19th 2022 We could showcase DREAMOTOR1 yesterday at RENAULT with NEXYAD of course, and our partner HERE Technologies. Functions showcased: . Safety score, . Safety CoachThere will be many showcases of DREAMOTOR1 in France and in Europe during 2022.We have integrated technologies from NEXYAD, INTEMPORA, ECOTECHNILIN, and we wrote all the global and detailed specifications for integration of technologies from SBG Systems, YOGOKO, IMPORTANT. We are discussing with GREENERWAVE to fancy the best way to integrate their technology. DREAMOTOR1 is already the smarter demo car and will remain it in time. On the picture at RENAULT Guyancourt, I am with Olivier Beldi from HERE Technologies. HERE Technologies believed in NEXYAD from the very start, And we showcase together at RENAULT (that have signed with GOOGLE), and in a way, we « bring » HERE with us, and they help us being better. Small teams may bring strategic advantages … We’re happy about this. Now that we have DREAMOTOR1, our unique embedded cognitive AI technology SafetyNex, which is second to none, can be showcased for 3 functions: . Safety Score: much more accurate and relevant than TESLA one. Think again ! it is not everyday that you have the opportinuty to take over TESLA ! . Safety Coach that advices driver during trip and helps to avoid most emergency situations (and then many accidents) . Preventive ACC / AD (soon available on DREAMOTOR1) that controls vehicle speed in order to keep driving behavior cautious regarding static and dynamic contexts Nobody stops Dreamotor 1. Dreamotor 1 sponsors : partners : #NEXYAD #HERE #HEREtechnologies #TESLA #RENAULT #DREAMOTOR1 #AI #embedded #ADAS #GOOGLE #CognitiveAI #DemoCar #Emergency #EmergencySituations #Accident #RoadSafety #INTEMPORA #ECOTECHNILIN #SBGSystems #YOGOKO #GREENERWAVE #FHELECTRONICS #IMPORTANT

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